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How does Kanga work?

Kanga uses computer vision to watch streams and detect what's happening in the game—like what champ is being played, KDA, game time, etc.—allowing you to explore and find the stream that's perfect for you.

How many streams do you cover?

Kanga currently covers the top 250 streams on Twitch ranked by viewers. We plan on covering more streams and content from YouTube, Mixer, Caffeine, and other streaming services Soon™.

How do recommendations work?

Kanga makes personalized recommendations based on the streamers and champs you watch. Recommendations improve as you use Kanga and watch streams. This allows us to provide categorized streams as well as For You, the stream we think is best for you at that moment.

How do notifications work?

When your favorite streamers and champs are dominating or starting a new match you might see a browser notification with a StreamCard linking you directly to the stream. You can change the frequency of notifications or turn them off entirely in Preferences.

What is FireScore?

FireScore is a 0–100 rating which indicates how well a streamer is doing in their match given KDA, game time, and other factors. If you see a FireScore of 90+ then someone is probably popping off!

Do you plan on covering any more games?

Yes! We aren't 100% sure what game we're covering next, but you should tell us! If you have a game you'd love for us to support please let us know here.

Does Kanga work on every stream?

Unfortunately, the internet is a crazy place! Streamers use various overlays and stream with multiple screen sizes, which can make it difficult for us to collect data accurately from the stream in real time. If you want us to cover your stream, our algorithms work best with minimal overlays that don't cover your score or champion. Streaming in 1080P or 720P is best. Pass on the good word.

What data does Kanga collect and why?

We collect your data in two ways:

  • We track your clicks in the extension—like when you open it and what streamers you click on—to see how you are using it.
  • We check the URL of your current active tab to see if you are on Twitch or Mixer to see what streamer you're watching. We never track random websites you browse and only track the streamers you watch on Twitch or Mixer by looking at the URL.

We do both of these things to power recommendations and notifications personalized for you.

Suspicious? No worries! You can turn off all data collection at any time by enabling Incognito Mode in Preferences. The big drawback is then you won't get personalized notifications or the home screen.

We strive to be transparent about our privacy practices. For more information check out our Privacy Policy.